Sequoia Helicopters is committed to providing our customers the best product possible. In striving to accomplish this goal we have developed a Safety Management System based Safety program along with a Quality Assurance Program. These programs both exceed Transport Canada requirements and meet or exceed the needs of the Oil and Gas industry.

We assure the quality of our operation and equipment, and the safety of our people and clients by utilizing industry best practices and developing a just culture in the workplace. We are continually improving and upgrading our operational safety and quality by monitoring all aspects of our business through regular internal and external audits.

In addition, we support our crews with aircraft specific seminars and upgrade training for maintenance staff and industry leading flight training for our pilots.

Our aircraft and equipment are maintained to the highest standards at one of our four hangar facilities and in the field using our fully equipped mobile maintenance trailers which provide a safe and comfortable base of operations for both maintenance and flight crews.

Sequoia Helicopters Safety policy supports best Aviation practices regarding safety, encourages our employees to contribute to the safety culture of our company and provides a just culture environment encouraging employees to identify any Safety hazards, safety incidents or contraventions of company and government regulations.

Sequoia Helicopters has an Alcohol & Drug policy which permits pre-hire screening, post incident screening and screening for cause if required.

Our Quality Assurance program allows for auditing of all areas of operation in order to identify areas of non-conformance or requiring improvement, identifying the cause/s related to the issue and recommending corrective actions to correct the identified issue.

Sequoia Helicopters takes its responsibility for Occupational Health and Safety seriously and has implemented a company safety committee which is overseen by our Safety Officer. We work within the rules set out by Federal Aviation OHS, Canadian OHS and provincial OHS

Sequoia is audited by third party auditors on the behalf of clients in the Oil & Gas industry and by Transport Canada regarding conformance with client safety standards and Canadian Aviation Rules





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